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Beyern Wheels Are An Affordable and Stylish Option for Your BMW

Beyern wheels are designed and manufactured exclusively for BMW and one of the most popular BMW aftermarket wheel options. Built in ranges of 17″-22″, Beyern has sizing and designs specific to the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW X5, BMW M3 and much more.

Beyern Manufacturing History

Beyern wheels are produced by TSW Wheels, a mainstay in the aftermarket wheel industry. TSW Alloy Wheels have over thirty years of racing heritage to ensure they are the strongest available. Despite this prestigious heritage, all TSW wheels are very affordable. Beyern is one of their higher-end lines, but still maintains an affordable price range. bmw wheels

Beyern Styles and Finishes

Beyern offers seven different wheel designs for BMW including the new Rosslynn, Rapp, Wolff and their classic 5 Spoke, Mesh, Multi Spoke and Baroque. Beyern wheels are designed in staggered and non staggered fitment depending on the application. In addition, the sizing, offsets and widths are BMW specific and designed to sit flush with the fender without causing rubbing issues on factory or aftermarket suspension.

Beyern rims are available in silver, chrome or gloss black with a polished lip. These clean and classic designs provide a sporty look for your BMW without ruining the lines originally intended by the vehicle design.

Beyern wheels are VIA and JWL certified to ensure they meet or exceed road safety standards and are built for street and track applications. When searching for a BMW aftermarket wheel, it is important to ensure you are upgrading the look without sacrificing quality. Beyern ensures that by adhering to strict manufacturing standards and designing their wheels to fit BMWs directly.



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