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Elegant Custom Wood Doors Define the Character of Your Home

Custom wood doors in rich grains with decorative door knockers add value to your house and make a statement about its appearance. Since the entry way is the focal point of a home’s façade, select an elegant door with enduring appeal for the front of your house and dress it with a handsome handle and knocker.

Custom wood doors can dictate the character of your home. So whether the outside exudes a Quaker-style design with wood and stone siding, or has an old Victorian appeal with arches and turrets, it can be built to reflect the right image.

You choose the wood, the look, and the colour of your custom wood doors

For a truly custom look that lends an air of uniqueness, and offers a warm, rich appearance, look for custom doors made from mahogany, oak, fir, maple, or cherry. We can stain various wood species in a variety of finishes to match the exterior of your house and showcase the custom door’s rich vertical grain. We insist on using the highest quality and longest-lasting stains and finishes.

Windows in custom wood doors to enhance a it’s character

Let light in by asking for clear glass panes, stained glass, or a variety of frosted or textured glass. For greater privacy, ask to have a speakeasy peephole installed in your solid-wood door. Solid wood doors weigh a bit, but they are ultimately the strongest and most secure for shutting out the weather and discouraging intruders.

Any type or style of doors handcrafted for you

When it comes to custom doors for the front of your house, consider having them installed with sidelights. These vertical windows are situated on one or both sides of the door. Or you can order a transom-a wood-framed window that sits above the door. Also choose betweenor double side-by-side doors. 

An endless array of custom-wood doors for entry ways, gates, and garages

Match the style of your house with custom wood doors off the kitchen. You can substitute traditional glass sliding doors with French doors, for example. And consider the types of doors that are best for bedrooms, the basement, and the garage. These should be resilient and solid enough to block noise.

Custom French and bi-fold doors for closets are a good option, since we can make them to match bedroom doors. And they may be crafted in any shape or size to fit arched doorways or unusually tall and wide openings.



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