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Golf and Tourism in Malaga

Combining Travel and Golf for several years is raging throughout the world. A growing number of tourist destinations in places as distant as Argentina, Brazil or Spain, promoting the sport package which are nested within the beautiful natural landscapes. Tourism on the environment says that there are reserves for up to three or five years in advance by the segments most qualified to play golf at any of these locations. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The province of Malaga is not absent in this proposal that integrates new technologies into the game with the Andalusian tourism: includes over 60 golf courses, an activity that is continuously growing. The variety in Malaga golf is huge, some very new and already established for several years as the Club de Golf Parador, established in 1925, driven by royalty of England, for players of all levels, large or small, with more or less level and requirement, added attractions such as obstacles or decorations of water and vegetation, artificial lighting for night play, artificial lakes and streams. All were made by great designers, some little known and famous as the legendary Gary Player and, secondly, Malaga is home to numerous tournaments, fairs and festivals are held every year.

The natural beauty and the particular topography of the landscape malaga provide the ideal ingredient for this sport as they involve an extra challenge for the golfer to enjoy great opportunities allowing you to develop your game.

To end the day, we enjoy the original and tasty cuisine Malaga result of its privileged location between the mountains and the sea, always well-seasoned with olive oil or salad club, accompanied by fine wine region.


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