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Postcard Puzzles: The Must-Have Item for Every Museum Gift Shop

Museum owners and management are always on the lookout for fun, educational, unique gifts to offer in their gift shops. And that’s a good thing, because when customers enjoy visiting the museum they like to cap the day off by purchasing some fun souvenirs and keepsakes in the gift shop. In the effort to keep gift shops stocked with the types of items that people love, it’s a smart idea to make postcard puzzles available.

Postcard puzzles are 4.5 by 6.5 inch puzzles that are made from pressed cardboard. They can be custom made to feature virtually any image or photograph, and are sealed in transparent plastic envelopes. They even feature a mailing label on the back so they can be sent via mail, just like traditional postcards.

Here are some of the reasons that museum postcard puzzles are must-have items for museum gift shops.

Low Cost

You can get these puzzles made for a very low cost. And that means that even with standard markup prices, they are extremely affordable for your guests. It’s always nice when you can offer reasonably priced items to your customers, without spending a fortune obtaining those items for your gift shop. Handmade candles Adelaide

Unique Souvenirs

Since you decide what goes on these puzzles, they can be every bit as unique as your museum exhibits. Whether you want to feature computer images, logos or actual photographs of your museum’s exhibits, you can do it all when you have these unique souvenirs custom made to sell to your customers.

Everyone Loves a Good Puzzle

People have enjoyed putting puzzles together for hundreds of years. There’s just something ingrained into our DNA that makes us enjoy taking a bunch of seemingly unrelated pieces and assembling them into a beautiful picture. And since people of all ages enjoy putting these fun little puzzles together, they are a no-brainer item to carry in your gift shop. You don’t have to guess whether or not people will enjoy purchasing simply because no one can resist a good puzzle.

Impulse Buying

Like traditional postcards, these postcard puzzles make the ideal impulse items to carry in your museum gift shop. Over time those impulse purchases build up into serious income for museum gift shops. With their small size, it’s easy to keep plenty of these puzzles on full display throughout your store; especially in those all-important areas close to the checkout area. With these puzzles set up alongside your other impulse items, you’re virtually guaranteed to raise revenue for the shop in no time.


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