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Searching For the Best Serving Plates

Imagine a kitchen that you did not have to ever clean, it would clean itself. Imagine a kitchen that has an artificial intelligent computer that learned your taste preferences and when it cooked “for you” it would know when to add an extra dash of this or a dash of that? Imagine a kitchen where cups, dishes, bowls and plates were all the same and would shape shift into whatever you needed and then go back to the starting position of flat for easy stacking, even stacking themselves? Bowls /Dinnerware

Well, imagine no further as these new technologies are already in the works. In the future MIT kitchen plates will be made of flexible carbon nano tube construction with a graphene coating and they will be very thin and very sturdy. The plate could be a cup, a paper airplane and/or a shape shifting serving tray for a cake. It means it can stack easier on the kitchen shelf or the kids can make their very own UFO to fly through the yard.

These might be made of high-tech polymers, or material memory plastics, perhaps they will look and fill like paper. They will clean easier, take up less space and sanitize them selves after washing and dry themselves off too. GE is working on this technology, and there was even a Discovery Channel episode on these future kitchens and plates. It makes lot of sense for Company’s employee’s cafeteria.



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